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The secret of selecting the perfect jewelry

When you are choosing jewelry for yourself then you have to keep several aspects into consideration. You need to make sure that the jewelry goes well with your outfit and your skin tone as well. Here we will guide you regarding how you should be selecting the perfect jewelry.

Selecting jewelry as per your skin tone

You need to consider the following things when you are choosing the jewelry as per your skin tone.

  • Jewelry for cool skin tone: Now by the cool skin we mean that your veins have a blue colour and the colour of the hair are black, dark brown or blonde. You need to wear blue, purple and red gems when you have a cool skin. For example, you can opt for amethyst, sapphire and ruby. You can also try wearing white or silver gold.
  • Ornaments for warm skin: Well, the warm skin refers to green veins. Moreover, if you have blonde or red hair, then you need to opt for green, orange and yellow coloured jewelry. For example, you can opt for sapphires, garnets and peridots. You should also wear copper or gold jewelry.
  • Jewelry that goes well with neutral skin: If you do not have any visible red colour on your skin, then this means that you have a neutral skin tone. When you have a neutral skin tone you can go for red, blue and purple gems. For example, garnets, fluorite and topaz.

Matching your skin tone with the appropriate pearls

Pearls also add to your grandeur and elegance and are surely popular jewelry items. You would find the pearls in three different shades. You can choose between the silver tinted pearls, white pearls and rose tinted pearls. The cool skin tone looks great with both rose tinted pearls and the white pearls. However, the warm skin tone looks great with white pearls and silver tinted pearls.

Matching the face with the appropriate jewelry

Now when you are selecting your jewelry, then you need to keep the shape of your face into consideration as well. If you have a round face, then you need to opt for the angled and long earrings.

The chandelier and large hoop earrings go well with an oval face and square shaped face as well. When you have a square shaped face, then you should opt for curved pendants. The triangular shaped earrings look amazing on people with a heart shaped face. When you have a diamond shaped face, then try opting for shorter hoops and choker necklaces.

You should make it a point to select the jewelry should be as per your physique. If you have a large physique, then you need it with the large jewelry pieces. However, if you have a fragile structure, then you need to opt for dainty pieces of jewelry. Make it a point to follow the guidelines mentioned above if you want your jewelry to stand out and compliment your appearance by all means for sure.


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